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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Council meeting September 1, 2010

PRESENT: Ron & Doreen Hietsch, Janet Frisch, Bill Logan, Rich Winkle, John
Hazelwood, Gary Paumen, Jeff Emge, Arnie Brock, Erik Vecere, Lisa
Hunter, John Musser, George Trautman, George Quay, Kathy Brown, Matt
& Deb McCauley, Sandee St. John, Debbie Levato, Laura Gibson, Scott
Rodenbeck, Steve Peterson, Renee Griffith, Joan Snair, Shawn Brobeck,
Ken Milachin, Rex Pagani, and Marilyn Huber
SPEAKERS: Rev. Dr. Chris Wicher, President of the Eastern District
Rev. Fred Poeppel, Circuit Counselor
Rev. Wicher came to explain the process we as a church and congregation will be going through during this difficult time of adjustment. It is very similar to the grieving process and each of us will proceed at our own pace.
Rev. Poeppel will be available for any questions we may have as we move forward. Both have been through this before, and offered much reassurance and support to us.
What is expected is from this moment on, we are not to involve Pastor Pingle in any church matters as he and his family prepare to move on to his next church.
It will take approximately 18 months for a new Pastor to be voted in. During this time, the Rev.s will make recommendations for an Intentional Interim Pastor. He will fill the role of pastor for the time being. He can attend church meetings if we so request. The Council President and Elders will discuss salary and his schedule with him.
A Call Committee will be developed that is to represent a fair cross section of our congregation, but should include an Elder or 2 and representation of our ministries. This committee should not have more than 10 members.
The Call Committee is to conduct a Self Study of the church and congregation. This is an intensive, extensive look at what the church’s needs, wants, and expectations are. Rev. Wicher will provide the format for the study.
Once the Self Study is completed, Rev. Wicher will provide the committee with a Call list of potential pastors. Church members can also make nominations for the pastoral position.
The Call Committee will then call the prospective pastors and perform an interview, addressing all the concerns, requirements and commitments our church want with a new Pastor.
The Call Committee then brings the names to the Voters Committee and they select who will become our new Pastor.
Both Rev. Wicher and Rev. Poeppel again offered their support and for us to contact them when questions arise.
Regular Council Meeting
Rex Pagani announced our custodian is resigning effective 9/12/10. If anyone knows of someone who may be interested, please refer them to the church office to fill out an application.
Diane Davis is resigning from working with the Hall reservations effective 9/12/10. We need someone to take her place, as well as work on setting the hall up and breaking it down after an event.
Our office secretary, Michelle wants to continue working in her position and is offering to keep the church schedule going. Council would like to see the Newsletter start back up and they feel Michelle can do it. All the heads of boards/ministries would need to provide Michelle with information on the groups so it can be included in the Newsletter.
Marilyn Huber is also resigning as Council Secretary effective 10/10.