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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Council Meeting Minutes - April 20

The meeting opened with a reading and prayer by Pastor Pingel. There were no minutes for March's meeting.

Board of Elders - Bill Logan
Bill reported that at their last meeting they talked about financial issues. They also said that we have to reach out to some of our members that haven't been contacted lately. The prospect of renewing Tele Care was discussed at that meeting.

Evangelism - John Hazelwood
No meeting this month. John spoke about the Ongoing Ambassadors For Christ group that came in February. He reported that it was a very successful event. He also spoke about renewing the evangelism class that Vicar Matt taught last year.
John mentioned that it is not helpful to talk about others and this might lead to the alienation of some people.

Stephen Ministry - Ron Hietsch
Ron reported that Stephen Ministers were studying the chapters on divorce as part of their continuing education. Stephen Ministers will also be assisting with a renewed Helpmates program.
Additionally, he is starting a 12 step program on addictions. It will start on Tuesday, April 29th at 7:00. It may be called a Safe Recovery Group.

Volunteer Ministries - Janet Frisch
Pastor and Janet have reworked the Tele Care Program and got it on track again. Lists have been sent out and new callers have been obtained to facilitate the program.

Publicity - Helen Gillingham
Helen still sends out cards to everyone that moves into the area. She shared that there are a lot fewer people moving into the area than in the past.

Pastor reported that the midweek program, Gospel Gang, has run its course and that staff appear burned out. In its place he suggested a program that would be run by a council of 5 or 6 under the auspices of the Board of Education. Pastor wanted some feedback from council before talking to Bonnie Hazelwood. He indicated that she has done a wonderful job running the program but that it is just too much for one person to run, and that no ministry should depend on one person. In the meantime we will involve District staff and explore alternative programming.
Pastor also said that sometimes people who are apt to complain are not participating themselves in the activities of the church, such as Bible Study and general programming.
Additionally, Pastor reported that the church has received $100,000 from the estate of Marge Patton that is to be put in the LCEF Building account. These monies are restricted and cannot be used for general fund purposes as per the wishes of Marge Patton. Only church council has the authority to free them for use.

Scott Rodenbeck delivered the report on behalf of the Trustees. Work day is scheduled for Saturday, April 26, 9am-1pm Lunch will be served. The Leslies purchased replacement emergency lights for the church.

Board of Education - Scott Rodenbeck
Scott reported that they have a nice summer Sunday School planned. The format is 13 lessons from the Bible. Teachers are still being sought to help instruct these classes. The notion of spending a portion of class time outside was discussed to take advantage of the nice weather. The Board of Education also wants to encourage adults to continue attending classes during the summer. Plans for Vacation Bible School are underway.

Preschool - Deb Levato
Deb went to a literacy program at the mall last weekend and it was very successful. It was very good publicity for the school. Both Pre-K morning classes are filled and the afternoon classes are coming along. Deb talked about the need for a transitional kindergarten for those children that are not ready for the first grade.
Deb thanked everyone who bought flowers. With the $3,000 that was raised the school was able to financially assist 8 students.

MOPS - Heather Greco
Heather returned from a summit convention and wants to start an evening MOPS group.

Other business
Ron Hietsch reported on the state of the church mortgage. Payments are on schedule however the loan documents call for a change in the payment amounts to accommodate interest rate changes. This has not happened and could create a balance due at the end of the 30 years. The Lutheran Church Extension Fund has been questioned about this situation and we are waiting for a reply. Ron will keep track of this as it progresses.

Council President -
Rex Pagani
Rex stated that when times are tough, new things need to be tried. Instead of sitting back, extra efforts and attempts can be done. He thanked everyone and the meeting was closed with the Lord's Prayer

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