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Thursday, October 9, 2008

1 and 2 Thessalonians Week 5

This week we are finishing up the topic of pastors in chapter 2 and moving on to the topic of persecution!

In the last post we learned how Paul was a humble, but also bold pastor; claiming he was entrusted with the Gospel. He also treated the Thessalonians with the love that a parent would have for his children. Sunday, we will continue that theme of parental care, and move on to a couple of other characteristics. After that, it will be time for persecution!

1) Read chapter 2:8-12:

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us. Surely you remember, brothers, our toil and hardship; we worked night and day in order not to be a burden to anyone while we preached the gospel of God to you.
You are witnesses, and so is God, of how holy, righteous and blameless we were among you who believed. For you know that we dealt with each of you as a father deals with his own children, encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory.

How does Paul show concern for the Thessalonians?

Paul says that he dealt with the Thessalonians as a father deals with his own children- Do you have anyone who has been a father to you in regard to your faith?

2) The first paragraph in the italicized section above describe Paul as hardworking and self-sacrificing. Paul was a tent maker by trade. He probably served as a missionary/ pastor during the day, and made tents at night.

What does this say about Paul's dedication to the Thessalonians?

What sacrifices can you make to spend more time serving God?

The link below shows us a humorous poster about sacrifice, but there is a point to it.


Paul did not always see the fruit of his efforts, and we might not either. Yet, God sees everything, and we know that he can do wonderful things through us. Plus, he gives us the Spirit to comfort us when it appears that our ministry is not getting a lot of results.

3) Persecution! In times of persecution Christians have clung to God's Word. Read 1 Thess 2:13-3:9

How would the Word of God help you if you were persecuted?

Below is a video from "Open Doors USA" I have never heard of this ministry before, but apparently they focus on sending aid to persecuted Christians. The video brings home a good point that there are many Christians who do suffer for their faith.

Please spend some time this week praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ who risk everything for their faith.

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