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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Bible Study

We will pick up our study of “Leaning on the Word in Challenging Times” next week. As Easter is a day that cannot be ignored, we will study the resurrection account found in Luke 24.

Christ is risen! This study is based on: Arthur A. Just, Luke 9:51-24:53, Concordia Commentary Series, Concordia Publishing House: St. Louis, 1997.


Read Luke 24:1-12



1) What are the women expecting to find when they go to the tomb? (Verses 1-3)


What does the angel ask the women?


The angels ask the women a stunning question: “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James believed in the resurrection of the dead, just like we do.  Like us, they knew it would happen on the Day of the Lord, the day when Christ returns, but the women did not expect to see the resurrection now! The Resurrection has an immediate meaning for us. Certainly, Christ rose first so that we know that we will rise one day, but that Christ remains alive even now means that death has been completely defeated. So that when our physical bodies are laid in the ground to wait for the resurrection, our souls will never die. One day soul and body will be reunited to live forever under Christ.  


Think about what the resurrection means for you today.


2) Read verses 6-7. What did the angels say to the women?


What tone of voice do you think the angels used?


Has Jesus ever said anything like this about himself?


 Jesus made many passion predictions about himself in Luke. He even uses the same words as the angels by calling himself the Son of Man in Luke 9:22, 44 and 18:31.He also says the will be “crucified”, that he will rise on the third day. After reading these predictions and being reminded by the angels one more time, we know that these things had to happen.  God had planned to give his only Son into the hands of men to die, and rise again.


How does it feel to know that God planned these things to save you?


3) What did the women do after the angels reminded them of Christ’s words to them? (verses 9-11)


The disciples responded to the women with unbelief. How would you respond to them?


It does seem like nonsense that someone could raise from the dead. The disciples might have thought the women had gone insane. Yet, God uses the things that seem foolish to demonstrate his power. These women are the first evangelists! What a prestigious place to have in history! Many of us hear these words: “Christ is risen!” with unbelief. We search for the hard evidence, but find only rags. The Holy Spirit creates faith apart from “hard” evidence, faith is worked through the Word of God. Remember, that Christ said it is necessary for the Son of man to die and rise again and believe.


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