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Friday, January 9, 2009

Council Meeting December 8


IN ATTENDANCE: Matt McCauley, Debra McCauley, Rex Pagani, Vicar Zach,
Janet Frisch, John Musser, Steve Peterson, Pastor Pingel, Bob
Trimble, Patty Dauer, Kathy Brown, Scott Rodenbeck, Ann
Emge, and Marilyn Huber

1) Matt and Debra McCauley reviewed social events for ’09. 1/24/09 @ 5PM will be the Chili cook-off. 3/25/09 is the wine tasting event. 5/31/09 is the 2nd annual Ice Cream Social event. Sometime in 09/09, they want to plan a tail gate party in the church parking lot for a Steelers game. They are looking for help to plan the Octoberfest this year.
2) Bob Trimble continues working of the Stewardship program. He believes they are more than ½ ways done.
3) Patty Dauer reported the Evangelism committee visited 3 Nursing Homes in Beaver County. They went the Friendship Ridge, Franciscan Manor and Elmcrest and felt they were very well received. They entertained the residents with singing and visiting.
4) Steve Peterson reports the last Elder’s meeting was 12/10/08 and discussion surrounded the dismissal of the Vicar program for a couple of years and how helpful the program has been to us. The LCDF fund will provide $7,000.00 to help pay off the past 3 months of bills. He past out copies of the 08-09 Budget to the Committee that was already approved by the Elders. Pastor turned down a raise. Instead, the church will match his retirement fund. The ’09 budget reflects a $12,000.00 savings from this year.
5) Ann Emge announced the teachers received their gifts today.
6) Scott Rodenbeck confirmed the Stewardship program is ongoing.
7) Kathy Brown discussed MOPS events. They will have the Ladies Tea party the 1st Sat. in May. There is a Craft & Hostess fair later in 1/09. They continue fund raising for their yearly convention. They are planning to start a Night time MOPS program in ’09.
8) Vicar Zach is looking into developing a Calendar of Events for the whole year to post so non-members attending church will know when events are upcoming.
9) Janet Frisch discussed work with the Publicity committee and ways to increase the hall rental and using photos to promote the hall. Posters will be put into store front businesses.
10) Pastor Pingle mentioned that Deb Leveto continues to work on the Transitional Kindergarten program. Also, plans are in the works for the Youth Group to hold a servant event at our church in July.

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