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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leaning on the Word of God in Challenging Times - Part 3

This will be the second and final part of our study on the Word of God and the Spirit. We talked about the relationship of the Spirit and God's Word in general last week. Now we will get a little more specific and talk about how the Spirit relates to the Word in its three forms. 

1) Written Word of God 

How does the Bible help you to grow in your faith? Can you think of a time when you were troubled and opened up the Bible, and found something that spoke to you? 

This kind of thing happens in the written word all of the time, whether it helps us emotionally or not. The Holy Spirit is always working through the Words that come to us from the written page. 

If he is always working than what is his goal? Read John 20:30-31 to find out. 

2) Jesus also had the Holy Spirit, and it helped him in significant ways. 

Read Acts 10:37-38 What was Jesus annointed with? How did this help him in his ministry? 

Read John 6:63 The Spirit was not only present in his actions, but also in his ________ 
(Answer: Words!) 

We don't typically think of the Holy Spirit and Christ. We don't see the Holy Spirit working through Christ as much as we ought to. (There is much more to say about this subject, but for now 

What if you had the same Spirit? 

3) You do have the same Spirit! Christ sends out his Holy Spirit to all believers. Therefore, we have the power to speak Spirit-filled words. 

Through faith we are given the Holy Spirit, anf the ability to speak the Words of God. This comes in the form of proclaiming the Gospel to others, and assuring our brothers and sisters in Christ of their forgiveness and salvation. God speaks through you! Cool! 

Read 1 Peter 5:9  

Please Post any questions or comments below! 

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