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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Leaning on The Word of God in Challenging Times- Part 4

We have studied how the Word of God and the Spirit work together to create faith, strengthen, cleanse, and save us. For the most part, we have been learning doctrine, but in the weeks to come we will see why this doctrine matters. The Word of God is a lifeline that pulls us in to Christ. (The Holy Spirit ties that lifeline around us, so that we do not wander off!) That lifeline cannot be severed no matter how difficult life gets. 

We begin the next phase of our study with a look at Romans 15. 

1) Read Romans 15:4-5

Paul uses two "e" words in verse 4 and they are repeated in verse 5 what are they? (Pless, 2006) 

The Word of God has endured since the beginning of time, and we have a record of his unbroken promises.  We can see that the Word of God endures through every kind of trial. If God has not broken a promise to his people in the past; than what does that mean for his promises to us? 

2) Read Romans 15:6. 

Paul speaks about unity in verses 5 and 6. How can the Word of God unite us? 

It is not just a group of people with shared beliefs, but it is the Holy Spirit calling the church together through the Word. 

3) Read Romans 15:14-16. 

Paul seems pretty confident that the church is growing and making progress against the sinful nature. Why is he so confident? 

He had written them letters and preached the Gospel. He had given them the Word, and so he knew the Word and the Spirit were working.  

(Once again, much of this Bible Study was developed from John T. Pless, Word God Speaks to Us, Lutheran Spirituality Series, Concordia Publishing House: St. Louis (2006).)

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