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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leaning on the Word of God in Challenging Times- Part 7

It feels good to be back on schedule! In this post we will look at Psalm 32. This is referred to as a penitential psalm.  This will guide us into the topic of confession, and trust in God's words of forgiveness.  

Read Psalm 32 

1) Look at verses 1-5  Have you ever suffered like David? 

David is wrestling with guilt, and even though he is silent towards God; he suffers because he knows that his sin has to be dealt with. His refusal to confess his sin is causing him to suffer. 

What happens in verse 5? 

Have you ever had this experience? When we confess our sins to God, God shows us his mercy. He ends our suffering.  You do not have to fear God, Jesus has suffered every pain in our place. Now that we have been relieved by the cross, we can turn towards God and speak the rest of this psalm to God in joy. 

2) Look at verses 6-10 

Notice the difference? How does God make us secure and confident like David? 

When we recieve God's grace we can have happiness and peace. Under God's grace we do not have to suffer under guilt, and fear of judgement. Being placed by God into a new and right relationship with him is the key to this kind of confidence. 

3) Does forgiveness of sins depend upon our confession? 

No, God has forgiven us, and you were saved by him at your baptism. You are not saved by how much you cry over your sins, or how articulate you are. The victory for sin has already been won for you. However, this does not mean that our sins are meaningless or trite.  Sin is a grave offense to God, and his Son gave his life to save us. So, when we give God our heartbroken confession, God will heal us and restore us. 

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