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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Council Meeting Feb. 22


IN ATTENDANCE: Matt & Debra McCauley, Pastor Pingel, Vicar Zach, Debbie
Levato, Helen Gillingham, Janet Frisch, John Musser, Rex
Pagani, Doreen Hietsch, Steve Petterson, and Marilyn Huber

1) Debbie Levato spoke more on the Pre-K STEP 2 program. The maxium # will be 12 students & there are already 6 enrolled for the upcoming fall. The cost is $85.00 a month and $25.00 for registration. They will need to hire a teacher to assist.
2) Dorren Hietsch is asking for someone new to run the 2 of a Kind program for next year. She would like to train another class for the Steven Ministry program. It would be an asset to have some men join the class. Classes run for 20 weeks.
3) Steve Peterson shared at the last Elders meeting, discussion was on all of the new initiatives the church is involved in. Also, the servant event that will be held at our church this summer. 75 will be the maxium # of people to attend.
4) Matt & Debra McCauley had a wonderful attendance on between 90 and 100 people for the Chili cookoff, with 16 different kinds of Chili. The Wine Tasting party will be on 4/25.
5) Helen Gillingham discussed how the Publicity committee is working on business cards and glossy photos of the hall with information for rental. A printer in Eastvale will produce the products for a nominal cost.
6) Vicar Zach is thinking of starting a devotional group with the attendance of more Geneva students. The Jr. Youth Group will be traveling to York, PA from 7/26-7/31 to perform community services. He is considering an evangelism service of offering free blood pressure screening and possible glucose testing at the upcoming Maple Syrup Festival at Brady’s Run Park.
7) Pastor discussed the Trustees did a good job of fixing Vicar’s sewer line. The Trustees are also considering putting showers in the old laundry room, especially with the servant event coming this summer. The elevator has been inspected by the state and all is well. There is consideration for putting in an exercise room for the youth, parents and perhaps having a seniors exercise program 2 days a week. He asked for counsel to consider stopping Telecare, at least for awhile. Also, the expense for snow removal so far this winter is exceeding $7,000.00, he asked for consideration of the church purchasing a used truck with a plow so we can do it ourselves. It could pay for itself in a year or possibly 2.

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