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Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank You Letter from CA.S.T. to our Church

Dear Participating Church, 

As we begin the year of 2009, I want to thank you on behalf of the board for your faithful support of C.A.S.T. with financial contributions, food cellctions and participation in the outreach programs. In the sixteen and a half years of existence, because of your support, we have been able to help so many individuals & families in so many ways. In 2008 alone we gave out bags of food, help people with shut off notices for utilities , kept families from being evicted, outfitted 367 children for back to school, helped individuals grow vegetables for their own consumption and gave over 62 families 476 Christmas gifts and food. This was only accomplished becuase of your loving outreach through C.A.S.T. Thank you seems so small and inadequate for your enthusiastic support. Since becoming a participating church you have embraced the work of C.A.S.T. in many different ways. First, you have made your congregation aware of us resulting in your financial support and collection of non-perishable food items. Second, you have supported our various program needs, (back to school, S.E.L.F. [Seeds, Earth, Labor, Food] Easter, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas giving.) This ministry has grown and is growing in so many ways because of your generosity. 

I know that with all the needs in the world we are constantly being asked for help and I also know that you will not forget the needs of the people in Beaver County. I can say with full confidence that God will truly bless the members of your church for helping Churches Are Serving Together, Inc. to put God's and your love into action. 

Gratefully yours in Christ, 

Mary Jane Verbe 
President/ Director 

P.S. I am asking that all food items collected be checked for expiration dates and discarded by you. Also, it would help us if you could call to see what items we are most in need of in the pantry.

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