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Monday, November 16, 2009



PRESENT: Matt McCauley, James St. John, John Musser, Rich Winkle Jr., Patty Dauer,
Jen Vecre, Rex Pagani, Pastor Pingel, Kathy Brown, Ann Emge, Deb
Levato, and Marilyn Huber.

1) Matt informed counsel there will be a baked potato social hour after 2nd
Service on 11/3/09. There will be a variety of toppings to choose from.

2) Ann is organizing a trip to Woodwards Apple Orchard on 10/24/09 for Sunday
School children and their families. A co-teacher is still needed for 6th & 7th grade class on Sundays.

3) A general discussion was held concerning snow removal this coming winter.
There are 2 men already slated for the AM and PM hours. Volunteers will be accepted, some of the men in attendance were offering to help as well. The key will be to have better communications so there is no confusion on who and when the work gets done. Counsel approved the purchase of salt and a spreader. There is a gas cap key for the Bronco. The key to the cap will be kept in the shed, along with some gas cans.

4) Rich had questions about the Vicar’s house for rent. He suggested a “For
Sign” in the front yard may be of benefit. There was also a question about
profits from the rental and taxes. Pastor will check into that money becoming
tax exempt.

5) Deb announced the pre-school program is helping Sue Pierson collect items
for soldiers to be mailed overseas. Activities the pre-school has had so far are
the Fire Dept. coming in to talk to the children about fire safety, Vision Care
came to speak of eye care and they went Trick or Treatin at Cambridge Village. To aid in the spread of illness they clean the toys and tables with Cloroax and are using had wipes.

6) Kathy announced MOPS will hold a Christmas Boutique on 11/8/09, also that
same day there will be a bake and soup sale to raise funds for MOPS.

7) Parstor announced that Arnie Brock and the Geneva student will both run the
Jr. Youth Group. Pastor would like to see the youth in the church get involved with the bells again. Kathy volunteered to get it going again. He also would like the children’s choir to be a part of service. We discussed Swine Flu and precautions to take in church. Recommendations were to not shake hands during greeting and getting hand sanitizers in the Sanctuary. Pastor would also like to have volunteers to be “Prophets” during the Advent Services.
8) Rex is going to get the Finance Committee together to review the Budget.
There has been a large savings with the absence of the Vicar.

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