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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mt Olive Council November 2009


PRESENT: Matt McCauley, John Musser, Rex Pagani, Steve Peterson, Janet Frisch, Pastor, Helen Gillingham, Marilyn Caruso, Tom Rodenbach and Marilyn Huber.

1) Matt reported the Baked Potato event was well attended with approximately 80 people. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the gathering. The Chili Cook-off will be held on 1/23/10 @ 5PM. The Wine & Cheese party will be on 4/17/10 @ 7PM. A Sundae Social will be held on 6/6/10 and due to the success of the 1st one another Baked Potato event will be held in the fall of 2010.

2) Marilyn attended to discuss the progress of the Stewardship program. Even in these hard economic times, we need to continue to give to our church. Even an extra 1% at a time is beneficial.

3) Janet reports the Kitchen Committee she has organized can always use help. She does not want the kitchen to return to what it was. Counsel agreed her hard work and the help of others has been a great advantage and will be looking for members to continue their cleaning.

4) Tom will be Santa Clause for the Breakfast with Santa to be held on 12/12/09 in the hall. This is an event to raise money for the Youth Group. Also, selling chocolate covered pretzels and a few Spaghetti dinners during week days will be used as fund raisers.

5) Helen discussed pens and magnets being used to help promote the growth of our church. She is looking for donations of appx. $150.00 to get started on the cost of these products.

6) Steve informed Counsel the church is currently $90,000.00 in the red. We are down $56,000 from 2 years ago. We have been able to save $30,000 without having a Vicar. At the Counsel meeting in Dec. 09, he is to present the new Budget to Counsel.

7) John announced we have purchased a salt spreader and the salt is on order. He will put a note on the dash board of the snow removal vehicle to turn off the fuel pump when not in use so as to not drain the battery. Rex & John want to hold a fund raising dinner for Pastor in early Jan. 2010 to help Pastor with his trip to India later in the month. Pastor announced how successful the Blessing of the Animals was, there were many in attendance with their pets. Also, the old Vicar’s house has been rented to a mother and her 2 children. The rent was reduced to $550.00 a month including water and sewage. Our church secretary did a wonderful job of screening prospective renters.

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