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Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 Thessalonians Week 14

Earlier this week I was swept up in the Christmas spirit. I watched the Muppets Christmas Carol, and then the Muppets Christmas special that aired last night. So in order to avoid a visit from "Marley and Marley" or any other Christmas ghosts we will detour from 2 Thessalonians to Luke 2. If we embrace the Christmas season this week, it might be just enough to take me off Santa's naughty list.  Let's take a look at our Savior's birth, and keep our fingers crossed for that "Red Ryder BB Gun". 

Luke 2:1-20 

1) Read Luke 2:1-5 

Our government has proven to be full of corruption. (see Governor of Illinois) So was Rome. It seems that our government is not always supportive of Christianity. Rome certainly wasn't supportive. Some would look at this and say God has left this nation. Look at Rome. Rome was corrupt, and against Christianity from the very start. However, God was still there. See how he uses governments to fulfill his will. The census in Luke 2 fulfilled the prophecy that Christ would be born in Bethlehem. (Micah 5:2-5) God is at work everywhere, and he will never leave us. 

Look at 2 Samuel 7:12-13, how has God fulfilled his promise to David in Luke 2? 

2) Read Luke 2:6-7 

We now hear of how Jesus birth came to pass. Luke only dedicates two verses to his birth, which seems a little understated. "Jesus was born in a manger... moving on!" Obviously his birth was humble, and even understated for a King. Take a second to think about the verses you just read. What has stopped you from greeting your humble king this Christmas? Are the things that keep you busy this season really more important than what is written in these two verses? 

Moving on!

3) Read Luke 2:8-20 

Typically you will hear sermons about how lowly the Shepherds were. Indeed, they had a very low status in society. Some of us are rich, and some of us are poor; however, none of us are shepherds.  Do you relate more with the Shepherds or the wealthy and wise Magi? 

Regardless, both bow before the infant. The Kingdom of God has that effect on us. It makes the lowly high, and the high lowly.  Whether you need to be lifted up or brought down the Kingdom of God bring us to the same place no matter where we start from-  to the feet of the king. 

The Shepherds first responded to the angels in fear. Then they were filled with joy. What transformed them from fear to joy? 

Are you afraid this season? Do you have an overwhelming amount of worries? Hear the Gospel, and let the conquerer Jesus Christ rescue you from fear, and bring you into the joy of his kingdom. 

Merry Christmas! Post any comments or good tidings of great joy below!

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