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Monday, December 8, 2008

Evangelism Board Calendar

Hello everyone, 

The Evangelism Board is putting together one calendar- an activities calendar, where members and especially visitors can see what is going on within our church from month to month. This might help to peak the interest of those who come in who are unfamiliar with everything that happens here. It could also help to cultivate a stronger connection to the church. For example, if someone who is a member of MOPS sees that there is a Chilifest here in January; she might want to come to that event. There are many who come through our doors on a weekly basis, but they may not belong to another church or even know Christ. Connecting these people to the other activities that go on here can create opportunities for us to share the gospel!  

If you are a member of a board, or if you are in charge of an event email me at hoffmanz@csl.edu and we will put it on our calendar, so that it can be seen by others.  



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